Baby Born Interactive Review – It’s A Boy

We have previously reviewed a Baby Annabell Doll, a Baby Born Sister Doll, a Baby Annabell Learns to Swim Doll, a Baby Born Highchair and a Baby Born Changing Bag for Dolls. This time, we received a Baby Born Interactive. The interesting thing about this new doll is that IT IS A BOY! How cool is that? It is so much fun to watch. As I’ve mentioned before, my girls absolutely love dolls. They don’t get bored with them at all!

They like to put them in a line on the floor and pretend they are teachers and the dolls are the children. Or sometimes they are in a nursery and in charge of the baby room so they take care of all the babies. They of course also like to pretend they are mums and they are taking care of their babies.

Baby Born Interactive Review - It's A Boy

Most of the dolls we have are girls. We only had one boy, so it was super nice to receive another boy so now we have 2 baby boy dolls. It is good to have a variation of gender and colour of dolls. It makes it a more realistic representation of the real world.

The Box

Baby Born Interactive (Boy)

Happy Sienna

As you might expect, the box is quite big with the doll and accessories displayed at the front. This, of course, put big smiles on my girls’ faces. I had promised that this doll was going to be for Sienna as her birthday was not long ago, so she would open the box and do the review with me but Bella would help her sister if she needed any support.


The Baby Born Interactive comes with 11 different accessories. See below:

  • BABY Born with a blue bodysuit and hat
  • Heart shaped friendship bracelet (one for the baby doll and one for your little one)
  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Bottle
  • Nappy
  • 1 sachet of food for feeding time
  • Potty
  • Dummy
  • A dummy chain
  • Birth certificate

Main Features

The Baby Born Interactive Doll is just like a real baby! It has so many functions without needing batteries to make the mother-child role-play even more exciting and realistic. See below the main features:

  • 9 life-like functions
  • Controlled wetting and pooping,
  • Crying real tears
  • Eyes that open and close
  • Arms and legs that move
  • BABY born clothing and accessories are compatible
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • No batteries required

It’s a Boy

As I mentioned before, It was great to see that this doll was a baby boy and not a baby girl. We really needed more boys so now my girls can increase their baby boy dolls collection. When Sienna took him out of his box, she hugged him and then wanted to undress him. She does this with all her dolls. When she did that she noticed that her baby boy doll didn’t have a vagina but had a ‘willy’ instead. She highlighted this when she saw it which I thought was very interesting. She can now differentiate the gender of her dolls.

Matching Bracelets

Baby Born Interactive Dolls come with a birth certificate and matching friendship bracelets for the baby and for your little ones. I thought this was super cute.

When Sienna saw the bracelets, she asked me what were they for and I explained that they were for her and the baby to wear so they will remember each other when they were not together. It was a lovely and thoughtful accessory. She then asked to wear it immediately. They look adorable with their matching bracelets.

Feeding the Baby

One of the features this baby doll has is that you can feed the baby from his milk bottle and dinner bowl with the spoon. They filled the bottle with water and fed him for a little while.

The Baby can drink and eat

Preparing Porridge

And then they discovered a little sachet where they can mix the contents with water to make baby food. Sienna got super excited when she saw the sachet. She went to the kitchen and filled the bowl with water until the line specified in the bowl and then she poured the content into the bowl. She mixed it for a little while until the consistency was a little bit thicker like porridge.

I think she actually put in too much water because it never becomes too thick but you were able to see a slight difference. She then fed the baby in different positions until she finished it all. She really enjoyed this part.

Doing Pee and Poo

Doing a Pee

After feeding the baby, then it was time to do a pee and a poo. The baby does controlled wees and poops. They first tried the pee after the baby drunk a whole bottle of water. In order to make the baby pee, they put the baby on the potty and then they clicked his belly button.

They clicked the belly button enough times until the baby was completely empty. It was so much fun to see all the pee inside the potty.

Doing a Poo

They did the same after the baby ate his porridge. There is another hole at the back where baby’s poo should come out. We thought the consistency of the poo was going to be thicker but it actually came out slightly liquid but I think it could be because the porridge wasn’t mixed properly. Sienna put too much water so that could be the issue. We would have to try again with another sachet but we only got one with this starter pack so we will need to buy more.

Changing the Nappy

Of course after so much milk, water and porridge, it was time for the baby to get a nappy change too as he was not completely potty trained so sometimes he needed a change of nappies instead, LOL!

Sienna wasn’t too sure about how to change the nappy so Bella helped her and she finally changed the baby doll who by the way was named John – I forgot to mention this earlier!

Baby Crying

Drinking Water

Baby Crying real tears

The baby got really tired so he started crying. He cries real tears. In order to get the baby crying after feeding him with a full bottle of water, you need to press his right arm several times. Immediately after you do that, you will notice that the tears will come out from his eyes.

This was really cool. He can really cry a lot. My girls love this feature and they tried it several times. It was a lot of fun for them to do this.

Comforting the Baby 

When the baby started crying, then they wanted to comfort the baby. Sienna did everything that she could to make him feel settled. She carried him in different positions until he stopped crying tears.

Baby Born comes with a dummy so she gave him his dummy and he then closed his eyes and fell asleep. When baby is lying down, his eyes close and when he is sitting down or standing up, his eyes open.

Fully Movable and Waterproof

Baby Born is fully movable. He can move his arms, legs and head. This is very handy when it’s time for his bath.  He is waterproof so your little ones can enjoy a lovely bath with him. Because he doesn’t need any batteries, he can be put inside the water with no problems.

Our Thoughts

Taking the baby out

This is a lovely doll from Zapf Creations. I am sure any child would love to have one and will enjoy looking after him. It comes with so many features which are great for little ones to learn how to interact with babies as well as let them get their imagination rolling. It comes with lots of accessories too which is always a plus. You can also get more accessories if you run out of nappies, food, etc as well as more clothes and other fun items such as pushchairs, highchairs, etc.

Overall, we are very impressed with the Baby Born Interactive Doll. It has an RRP of £49.99 and is available from most good toys stores such as Argos, John Lewis, The Toy Shop, Smyth’s Toys and Amazon.

What do you think of the Baby Born Interactive? Do you have a Baby Born at home already? What do you think about the feature to cry real tears and that he doesn’t need batteries? 

*Disclosure: We received a Boy Baby Born Interactive Doll for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. My Harri would love this! We have lots of girl dolls but only one boy so it would be nice to add to our collection! I think this may be going on the Christmas list. Great review #kcacols

  2. Looks like fun for budding parents in the family. Kara is completely uninterested in dolls – she has a couple of Barbies but it’s the boys who play with them more! #KCACOLS


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