Supporting a Child with Anxieties and Emetophobia: 10 Strategies for Growth and Progress

Parenthood is a journey filled with countless joys and challenges, and as parents, we often find ourselves facing unexpected hurdles. One such challenge my family and I have experienced over the past year is supporting my now 13-year-old daughter, Bella, through her anxieties and Emetophobia. It has been a difficult journey, but one that has … Read more

65 Movie Review

65 Movie Review: 65 is a sci-fi/dinosaur thriller that follows a pilot from the planet Somaris called Mills who leaves his family for a two-year space expedition to earn money needed to treat his daughter’s illness. However, his spaceship crash-lands on Earth 65 million years ago and must find a way to survive in a … Read more

8 Great Things to Do In Madeira

If you’re looking for an adventure, you might want to consider the beautiful island of Madeira. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this hidden gem boasts a vibrant culture, breath-taking landscapes, and plenty of thrilling activities that will leave you amazed. Join me as we look at eight great things to do in Madeira.